The Ancient & Accepted Rite comprises a total sequence of 33 degrees (see History page for further details) and is more commonly known as the ‘Rose Croix’ which is the 18th degree of the Rite in which all Chapter business is conducted.

It is a thought-provoking Order, with the work of the Chapter being conducted in a quiet and dignified manner, followed by a festive board which customarily has a minimum of after-dinner toasts with only the briefest of responses.

A candidate seeking membership must be of high moral standing, be prepared to sign a declaration that he professes the Trinitarian Christian Faith and have been a Master Mason of at least a year’s standing at the time of his election. There are no other qualifying criteria.

A common misconception is that the Rite is an ‘invitational’ Order and candidates must wait to be approached to be considered for membership. Such is not the case and enquiries from any applicant meeting the qualifying criteria will be most welcome.

For further information on joining the Rite, please Contact Us through this website or speak directly with a member of a Chapter that interests you.

Leaflet for Prospective memmbers